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    THE TWO-STEP SARI* was invented by Parul Das, a mother of two, wife, attorney and entrepreneur. Parul spent over seven years practicing healthcare and employment litigation with a law firm based in The Woodlands, Texas and currently handles trademark, business and hospitality related matters. 

    Parul began this journey in late 2013, by taking her first sewing lesson, with the intent of creating a maternity sari. The first few prototypes were a fail, but in that failure, she saw a chance to make a better pre-stitched, easy to wear sari for women of all ages, regardless of pregnancy. This was the birth of The Two-Step Sari*. Parul eventually created a line of maternity and nursing apparel: Janam Maternity Saris & Beyond.

    With the Two-Step Sari*, we want to revolutionize the sari, bringing ease and comfort to wearing a sari to women of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities. We truly believe that you will never go back to wearing a traditional sari after wearing ours. 

    *Patent pending.